Bl3ck Fr1d3y And 5 New Themes
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Bl3ck Fr1d3y And 5 New Themes

Dracula PRO and Dracula UI are 40% off. I'm running this Black Friday deal as a way of saying thank you. This happens only once a year, so you're thinking about getting it, now it's the time.

Here are the promo codes:

Thank you for allowing me to continue to build this open source project. You've been a huge part of making Dracula a success!

New on Dracula

Say hello to the 5 new themes that joined the Dracula org.

Powerlevel10k Theme Preview

Dracula in the wild

Last week Jaime J. Aleman shared his setup on Twitter. It's powered by EndeavourOS and all the Dracula themes for Neovim, zsh, bspwm, kitty, and GTK.

Jaime J. Aleman setup