Quick Question... Slack Or Discord?
Zeno RochaZeno Rocha|

Quick Question... Slack Or Discord?

I've been thinking about creating a Dracula Community for a long time. But I want to make sure we pick the best platform possible, that's why I need your help.

In your opinion, which tool is better? Slack or Discord?

Let me know which one you like the most.

New on Dracula

This week 10 new themes, yes TEN themes, have joined the Dracula clan.

  • Discord Bot Maker: a powerful bot development tool
  • Files: a modern file explorer for Windows
  • FZF: a command-line fuzzy finder
  • ImageGlass: an open-source photo viewer
  • Mako: a lightweight Wayland notification daemon
  • MetaEditor: a tool to develop trading robots and indicators
  • QBittorrent: an open-source alternative to µTorrent
  • SolidWorks: a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Streamlit: the fastest way to build data apps in Python
  • SwiftUI: a UI toolkit that lets you build for any Apple platform

SwiftUI Theme Preview

Dracula in the wild

Jason Evangelho from Croatia recently shared his Dracula setup on Twitter.

What I love about it is how everything fits together well. It includes themes for Standard Notes, Bashtop, Telegram Desktop, and GTK, which take the entire Linux experience to the next level.

Jason Evangelho Dracula setup