The Most Popular Dracula Themes in 2020
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The Most Popular Dracula Themes in 2020

2021 is here and its first month is almost over. Still, I decided to take a step back and look at all the data from 2020.

Here are the total number of visits and the most popular Dracula themes on each platform.

Google Analytics in 2020


  1. Notepad++: 254,035 views
  2. Windows Terminal: 57,760 views
  3. Visual Studio: 37,636 views


  1. iTerm: 77,490 views
  2. 66,350 views
  3. Visual Studio Code: 61,407 views


  1. Zsh: 66,494 views
  2. Vim: 58,503 views
  3. Gnome Terminal: 52,676 views

New on Dracula

We just crossed 150 themes! Only this week 8 new themes have joined the Dracula clan!

  • Ditto: An extension to the standard windows clipboard
  • IDA Pro: Translates machine code into a human-readable format
  • Matplotlib: Library for creating interactive visualizations in Python
  • Netbeans: An integrated development environment for Java
  • Qt5: Cross-platform application development framework
  • Telegram iOS: Messaging app with end-to-end encryption
  • Terminator: Alternative terminal emulator for Linux
  • Xournal++: Open source hand note-taking software

Dracula for Xournal++

New on Dracula PRO

JetBrains launched the EAP 2021.1 today and I just published a new update to support it.

Go to Gumroad to download the latest version ;)

Happy hacking!