Dracula Stickers, StackOverflow and 5 new themes

These past few days have been difficult. I hope you and your family are safe! I sent refunds to all the 52 Ukrainians who bought Dracula Pro and UI. If you're a digital creator who sells products online, I encourage you to do the same.

On a happier note... I'm starting to ship hundreds of stickers and t-shirts this week. It's been so much work that I even asked my wife for help. I can't wait for folks to receive them!

In case you missed it — draculatheme.com/shop

Zeno Rocha and his wife prepared the stickers for shipping

Also, thanks for following @draculatheme on Twitter! We just hit 770 followers ;)

New on Dracula

Say hello to the 5 new themes that joined Dracula recently.

StackOverflow Theme Preview

Dracula in the wild

I found this cool setup on Twitter from @ItzAditya14. It features an Ubuntu distro with Dracula's Gnome Terminal, JetBrains, and Google Chrome themes.

@ItzAditya14 setup with Dracula

Q: What do you call a vampire hunter that lies a lot?

A: Bluffy the Vampire Slayer.

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