Dracula AI, 10 New Themes And Emacs For PRO
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Dracula AI, 10 New Themes And Emacs For PRO

We couldn't help ourselves, so we introduced Dracula AI (on April 1st)!

After years of research, we've cracked the code to help you be the most efficient programmer. Take a look into the future. 🤖

Dracula Theme in Jabref

✨ New on Dracula

Meet the 10 new themes that joined Dracula recently:

  • Bandcamp: an online record store to directly support artists;
  • FreeTube: a privacy-focused YouTube client;
  • Fuzzel: an app launcher for wlroots based Wayland compositors;
  • Hyprland: a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor;
  • Kristall: a small-internet browser without support for graphical websites;
  • MkDocs: a generator of documentation built on static websites;
  • Plymouth: an app that provides a graphical boot animation for your system;
  • ST: a simple terminal client;
  • Swaylock: a screen locker for Wayland;
  • Waybar: a customizable Wayland bar.

Dracula Theme in Hyprland

Special thanks to @milkknife, who contributed four of these themes! 💘

🦇 New on Dracula PRO

One of the most requested Dracula PRO themes is finally available! Emacs users, here it is! 😉

And last but not least, we now have support for BetterDiscord too!

You can access Gumroad to download the latest version if you're already a PRO user.

Dracula PRO for Emacs

This was one of the first times where we had beta testers helping us shape these PRO themes. Keep an eye on Discord in case you wanna help 💖

👋🏻 The end

Q: How do you beat Dracula at poker?

A: You raise the stakes.