Black Friday And 12 New Dracula Themes
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Black Friday And 12 New Dracula Themes

Dracula PRO is now 40% off! If you are thinking about getting PRO or giving it to a friend, now is the time. Here's the promo code: bl3ckfr1d3y

✨ New on Dracula

Meet the 12 new themes that joined Dracula recently:

  • Cava: a console-based audio visualizer
  • ColorSlurp: a color picker for macOS
  • dmenu: a fast and lightweight dynamic menu for X
  • Dyalog APL: the fastest-growing APL development platform
  • i3lock-color: a modern version of i3lock with color functionality
  • KanbanFlow: a lean project management tool with real-time collaboration
  • leftwm: a tiling window manager for adventurers
  • Minecraft: the best-selling video game of all time
  • novelWriter: a markdown-like text editor designed for writing novels
  • Scrivener: a word-processing program and outliner designed for authors
  • Sioyek: a PDF viewer with a focus on technical books and research papers
  • Spicetify: a command-line tool to customize the official Spotify client

Dracula theme for ColorSlurp

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