2021 Year in Review
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2021 Year in Review

Transparency is a major value for me, so I thought it would be nice to gather some interesting numbers about Dracula in 2021.

High Level

Open Source

We started the year with 144 themes, and now there are 232 themes!

That's 88 new themes in only one year. I'm beyond grateful for this amazing community that keeps building awesome stuff consistently.


This website is a crucial piece of the entire project. It's where people can read instructions on how to install a theme and also discover new themes.

In 2020, 684,155 people visited the website, which generated a total of 1,975,525 pageviews.

In 2021, there were 771,936 people visiting the website, generating a total of 2,504,245 pageviews.

That's a 12% growth in visitors and 26% growth in pageviews.


To keep this whole engine running, I started to monetize this project.

In 2020, it generated $87,683.81 in revenue. In 2021, it generated $134,217.46.

That's a 53% increase - more details below.


Dracula PRO was launched on February 11th, 2020, and made $87,683.81 from 1,656 users in its first year.

Dracula PRO Revenue - 2020

In 2021, it made $114,008.47 from 2,019 users which is mind-blowing.

Dracula PRO Revenue - 2021

Dracula UI was launched on April 12th, 2021, and made $20,208.99 in revenue.

Dracula UI Revenue - 2021

That brings us to $221,901.27 all time revenue across these two projects.

Most Viewed

These are the most popular themes from 2021 in terms of website views.

Code Editors

  1. Notepad++: 110,597 views
  2. Visual Studio Code: 54,465 views
  3. Vim: 49,978 views


  1. Gnome Terminal: 63,734 views
  2. Zsh: 58,154 views
  3. iTerm: 54,737 views


  1. Chrome: 34,475 views
  2. Firefox: 16,962 views
  3. Qutebrowser: 2,155 views


And here are some interesting numbers related to the website visitors.


  1. United States: 137,124 visitors
  2. Brazil: 129,088 visitors
  3. India: 45,710 visitors
  4. Germany: 26,412 visitors
  5. United Kingdom: 23,846 visitors

Desktop Operating System

  1. Windows: 355,372 visitors
  2. Macintosh: 172,321 visitors
  3. Linux: 145,307 visitors

Mobile Operating System

  1. Android: 53,130 visitors
  2. iOS: 46,244 visitors

As with any public report, it's always best not to compare yourself. These numbers took a long time to build, and I hope they can serve as an inspiration for you to create and monetize your open source projects.