Dark Mode Everywhere And 11 New Themes
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Dark Mode Everywhere And 11 New Themes

I love dark mode and I've been experimenting with different setups lately. One of my favorite tools so far is Night Eye. What I like about this browser extension is that they convert colors instead of inverting.

Night Eye applied to Night Eye

Remember when I was trying to adapt one code snippet into other programming languages?

So far more than 17 languages have been added there! You can see full GitHub thread showing Swift, PHP, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, TypeScript, Go, Scala, and more :)

New on Dracula

This week 11 new themes have joined the Dracula clan!

  • Adminer: Database management in a single PHP file
  • BetterDiscord: Enhances Discord with several features
  • colorls: Ruby gem that beautifies the terminal's ls command
  • IDLE: Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment
  • Obsidian: Knowledge base on top of Markdown files
  • Plank: Simplest dock on the planet
  • Pywal: Generates a color palette from colors in an image
  • Roam Research: Note taking tool for networked thought
  • The Lounge: Self-hosted web IRC client
  • TiddlyWiki: Non-linear personal web notebook
  • Zathura: Customizable and functional document viewer

Dracula for colorls

New on Dracula PRO

Dracula PRO continues to evolve with new themes and updates. This time, we added a new Alacritty theme, support for JetBrains EAP 2020.3 (Early Access Program), and Android Studio icons.

Dracula PRO for Alacritty

Happy hacking!