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Roam Research

Dracula Theme for Roam Research
roam-research - Theme Preview

Roam Research


  1. Install the Stylus browser extension

  2. Make a new style in Stylus

    • Open Stylus, select Manage, then select Write New Style
  3. Name your new style

    • Roam Research Dracula (or whatever else you'd like)
  4. Configure the style for Roam Research URLs only

    • Navigate to the bottom and click the + next to Applies to Everything
    • Select URLs starting with from the dropdown menu
    • Add https://roamresearch.com/#/app/
  5. Add the Dracula CSS

    • Copy and paste the contents of dracula.css into the Stylus code box
  6. Save the style and refresh your Roam Research page

    • Enjoy the darkness