13 new themes, email updates, and PRO news
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13 new themes, email updates, and PRO news

Today I'm writing from San Francisco, where my car just got stolen.

It's been a while since I don't send these Dracula updates, right? The main reason is that I've been building a new email platform - Resend.

So far, Resend has only been used to send transactional emails, but we're now adding the ability to send broadcast emails.

This is still under a feature flag, but I'm happy to say that all Dracula emails are no longer being sent via Mailchimp and are now fully migrated to Resend.

✨ New on Dracula

Today is not Friday the 13th, but 13 new themes have been added! Meet them:

  • Audacity: an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder;
  • Blockbench: a low-poly 3D model editor;
  • exa: a more user-friendly version of ls;
  • ForkLift: a dual pane file manager and file transfer client;
  • iSH: a Linux shell for iOS;
  • Jupyter Notebook: a web-based interactive computing platform;
  • Kurozora: an app to keep track of your Anime and games played;
  • lsd: a rewrite of GNU ls, with new features;
  • man-pages: an interface to the Linux system reference manuals;
  • QTerminal: a lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator;
  • SpeedCrunch: a high-precision scientific calculator;
  • tig: a text-mode interface for Git;
  • vis: a vi-like editor based on Plan 9's regular expressions.

QTerminal theme

Special thanks to @urrickhunt, who contributed six of these themes! 💘

🦇 New on Dracula PRO

The Gnome Terminal theme is ready!

Gnome Terminal PRO

After a few weeks of being tested and refined based on feedback, we are happy with the result!

👋🏻 The end

Q: Where Dracula eats his lunch?

A: At the casketeria. 🩸