Get ready for Dracula Light Mode
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Get ready for Dracula Light Mode

For years, we heard the same question, "Are you going to create a light color scheme?" and the answer always was, "Nope. Dracula can't stand the light".

But a light theme isn't solely a matter of taste; It is imperative for accessibility and usability in light conditions. It is essential to accommodate people with visual impairments and ensure legibility in brighter light.

That's why we decided to work on something new...

Dracula PRO - Alucard in Hyper Term.

The light theme will be called "Alucard" which is Dracula spelled backward 😅, which fits perfectly into the context of this new iteration.

"In truth, I may have been frightened, scared to confront my own father." - Alucard

Alucard is a half-human, half-vampire dhampir who uniquely bridges two worlds, like our project's journey to embrace light and dark modes.

We're making a ton of progress in the new light theme iterations and have reached the final palette (probably). The next step is to run a beta program with a small group of people.

✨ New on Dracula

Dracula Theme for Papirus Folders

Meet the 10 new themes that joined Dracula recently:

  • BookWyrm: A network to monitor your reading, talk about books and more;
  • Duolingo: A free, fun platform to learn a language;
  • Heroic Games Launcher: A free and open-source Epic and other games launcher;
  • Homepage: A highly customizable application dashboard;
  • Lichess: A free and ad-free open-source chess server;
  • Prompt: A Mac & iOS premium terminal;
  • Stirling PDF: A web app to perform various operations on PDF files;
  • Zed: A high-performance, multiplayer code editor.

👋🏻 The end

Q: What kind of business has Alucard never invested in?

A: A steakhouse.