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Stirling PDF

Dracula Theme for Stirling PDF
stirling-pdf - Theme Preview


Install using Git

If you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo:

git clone

Install manually

Download using the GitHub .zip download option and unzip them.

Activating theme

If you don't have Stirling-PDF installed, you can do so with the following docker-compose.yaml:

version: "3.3" services: stirling-pdf: image: frooodle/s-pdf:latest ports: - "8080:8080" volumes: - /path/to/data/directory:/usr/share/tesseract-ocr/5/tessdata #Required for extra OCR languages - /path/to/configs/directory:/configs - /path/to/customFiles/directory:/customFiles/ - /path/to/logs/directory:/logs/ environment: - DOCKER_ENABLE_SECURITY=false # Set to true to enable basic auth - SECURITY_ENABLE_LOGIN=false # Optional: If DOCKER_ENABLE_SECURITY is true, set this to true to enable login screen
  1. First, create a static directory in your /path/to/configs/directory. Inside that static directory, create a directory called css.

  2. Inside that css directory (ex: /path/to/configs/directory/static/css), create a css file called dark-mode.css.

  3. Inside your dark-mode.css file in your /path/to/configs/directory/static/css, paste the contents of dark-mode and save the file to apply the theme.

    This is what you directory structure should look like if your /path/to/configs/directory is something like /home/bob/MyContainers/StirlingPDF/custom_files:

    ├── bob
    |   ├── MyContainers
    |   |   ├── StirlingPDF
    |   |   |   ├── custom_files
    |   |   |   |   ├── static
    |   |   |   |   |   ├── css
    |   |   |   |   |   |   ├── dark-mode.css
  4. Boom! It's working ✨