Dracula T-Shirt... A? B? Or C?

2022 is here, and like everybody else, I decided to write a "Year in Review" post.

I'm also starting to play around with the idea of having Dracula merch! Yes, think of t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, that kind of stuff. I need your help deciding which designs look better...

What t-shirt would you use in real-life? A or B or C?

Option A: Hexadecimal Shirt

Option A: Hexadecimal Shirt Preview

Option B: ASCII Shirt

Option B: ASCII Shirt Preview

Option C: Vampire Slayers Shirt

Option C: Vampire Slayers Shirt Preview

New on Dracula

Three new themes joined the Dracula clan this week.

  • Apollo: a Reddit mobile client built by a former Apple employee
  • bobthefish: a Powerline-style, Git-aware fish theme optimized for awesome
  • MySQL Workbench: a visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs

bobthefish Theme Preview

Dracula in the wild

This week @AntoSalvatore shared his KDE Plasma setup using a modified version of GTK Dracula. It also features Konsole terminal and Ubuntu Nerd Mono font.

@AntoSalvatore KDE Plasma setup using a modified version of GTK Dracula.

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