Dracula Shop Is Here!
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Dracula Shop Is Here!

There are 12 custom-designed items over there, such as t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, pins, pullovers, hats, and even baby clothing.

T-shirts, stickers and a hat from Dracula Shop

I'm doing a hybrid of small production runs and print-on-demand. For things like stickers and pins, I'm ordering a few items at a time, so you might need to be fast to get it while it's 🔥.

Some items will be limited edition. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.

For things like t-shirts and hoodies, I'm doing print-on-demand, which allows me to be more flexible with stock and sizes (think of 3XL, 4XL).

It's all available as pre-orders, which will be processed on February 28th.

For years I wanted to have a Dracula t-shirt, and now it's a reality. Thank you to all developers who got Dracula Pro and Dracula UI - you made this possible.

P.S.: it would make my day if you retweet or share this link on Slack/Discord with your friends.

New on Dracula

Say hello to the 4 new themes that joined Dracula this week.

  • Foot: a lightweight Wayland terminal emulator
  • Joplin: an open source note-taking app
  • Monkeytype: a minimalistic, customizable typing website
  • Spyder IDE: a free scientific environment written in Python

Spyder IDE Theme Preview

I recently saw u/Marty1820 share his setup on Reddit which looks awesome!

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u/Marty1820 setup with Dracula