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Dracula Theme for Spyder IDE
spyder-ide - Theme Preview


Install using Git

If you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo:

git clone https://github.com/dracula/spyder-ide.git

Install manually

Download using the GitHub .zip download option and unzip them.

Activating theme

For Spyder 4.0.x

  1. With Spyder closed, open ~/.spyder-py3/spyder.ini

  2. Find the [appearance] section. Add dracula to the names variable. For example:

    names = ['emacs', 'idle', 'monokai', 'pydev', 'scintilla', 'solarized/dark', 'solarized/light', 'spyder', 'spyder/dark', 'tomorrow', 'zenburn', 'dracula']
  3. Append the contents of dracula.ini (or the following) from this repo to the end of the [appearance] section.

    dracula/name = Dracula
    dracula/background = #282a36
    dracula/currentline = #3a424a
    dracula/currentcell = #292d3e
    dracula/occurrence = #3a424a
    dracula/ctrlclick = #ff79c6
    dracula/sideareas = #282a36
    dracula/matched_p = #50fa7b
    dracula/unmatched_p = #ff5555
    dracula/normal = ('#f8f8f2', False, False)
    dracula/keyword = ('#8be9fd', False, False)
    dracula/builtin = ('#fab16c', False, False)
    dracula/definition = ('#50fa7b', False, False)
    dracula/comment = ('#6272a4', False, False)
    dracula/string = ('#f1fa8c', False, False)
    dracula/number = ('#bd93f9', False, False)
    dracula/instance = ('#50fa7b', False, True)
  4. The new color scheme will be available in the Preferences -> Appearance -> Syntax highlighting theme