Dracula Livestream And 3 New Themes
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Dracula Livestream And 3 New Themes

The fine folks from Microsoft invited me to talk about how to build your own VS Code theme.

On live, we explore how to choose a color palette, configure your local development environment, and even publish your theme! You can watch it anytime here.

Speaking of videos, I recently ordered this fancy production service to show the behind-the-scenes of making a Dracula t-shirt. I hope you like it ;)

Behind-the-scenes of making a Dracula t-shirt

Check out the final result β€” youtube.com/watch?v=RiuWwkwmmfI

New on Dracula

This week 3 new themes joined the Dracula org:

  • Noir: a Safari extension for iOS that automatically adds dark mode to websites
  • Visual Basic 6: a third-generation event-driven programming language
  • Zellij: a terminal workspace with batteries included

Visual Basic 6 Theme Preview

Dracula in the wild

"Sorry Gruvbox, Dracula is my friend now."

That's how u/Baajjii described his new setup on Reddit. Here are more details:

u/Baajjii setup with Dracula Theme

The end

Q: Why don’t vampires like mosquitos?

A: Too much competition.