200 Themes!
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200 Themes!

Today I have some exciting news to share. Dracula just crossed 200 open source themes!

When I started this project 8 years ago, I never thought it could become so big. I'm beyond grateful for this fantastic developer community.

Let's continue on a mission to build the most cross-platform theme _ever_ :)

New on Dracula

This week 9 new themes have joined the Dracula organization.

  • BTCPay: a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment server
  • Caprine: an elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app
  • eM Client: an email client for Windows and macOS
  • Funkwhale: a community-driven social platform to share music
  • Krita: a free and open-source painting program
  • Node Console: a pre-built configuration for Node.js debugging
  • SideNotes: a simple app to take quick notes for macOS only
  • Ueli: a keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS
  • Fig: a tool that adds VSCode-style autocomplete to your terminal

Fig Theme Preview

Dracula in the wild

This week Jason Warner, former CTO at GitHub and former VP of Engineering at Heroku, declared his love for Dracula on Twitter. What about you? Have you told your friends about your favorite theme already? Let's spread the word!

Jason Warner tweet: 'wait, did you make Dracula? I LOVE DRACULA!'