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Dracula PRO is a color scheme and UI theme tailored for programming.

Made for terminal emulators, code editors, and syntax highlighters.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping you focused.

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Dracula PRO is built for your favorite apps.

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Why Dracula PRO

In 2013, my laptop was stolen and I had to re-configure everything. At that time, there were thousands of themes out there, but none of them were appealing to me. So I decided to create my own.

Fast forward to 2020, Dracula is one of the most popular themes in the world. Still, I felt that something was missing. I wanted to help with more than just a theme, that's why I created Dracula PRO.

This is a package built for developers who are willing to invest in their productivity.

- Zeno Rocha

Dracula Classic

Classic Palette

Dracula PRO

PRO Palette

Geometric Color Palette

Isaac Newton was one of the first to organize colors geometrically. In 1704, Newton observed the relationships between different wavelengths of light and organized them as a circle of hue.

He was then able to identify different patterns that arose out of this representation. This would become the foundation of modern color theory.

The original Dracula colors created in 2013 were based on personal taste. This new PRO version brings a more refined and mathematical approach that normalizes lightness and saturation.

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  • ionicons-v5-eye

    Easy on the Eyes

    Dark mode is everywhere, and there's a reason for that. From improved battery consumption to better visibility on low-light environments, there are many reasons to love.

  • ionicons-v5-toggle

    Less Context Switch

    By having the same color scheme across multiple apps, you reduce the time it takes to switch context between tasks. That's why Dracula PRO is available in as many platforms as possible.

  • ionicons-v5-contrast

    Precise Contrast

    The entire palette was tested against the WCAG 2.0 level AA spec, which requires a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for normal text, therefore affording the best readability.


Hand-picked Typography

I carefully selected 4 monospaced programming fonts that fit perfectly with Dracula PRO. These fonts have built-in ligature support that improves readability.

By displaying one shorter glyph instead of 2 or sometimes 3, the human brain spends less energy to scan, parse, and join multiple characters into a single one.

Don't like ligatures? No problem, you can still use those fonts.

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More than a Theme

You can have the best theme, font, and tooling in the world, but if you cultivate bad habits, it will be hard for you to become a top developer.

Because of that, I decided to reach out to the best developers I know and ask them tips on how to be more productive.

This book is a collection of valuable learnings from senior professionals.

Learn more

Before Dracula PRO my life was meaningless, colorless and sad. Now it is vibrant, electric and full of the best code I've ever written.

Kenny Meyers

Kenny Meyers

iOS Developer

Seattle, Washington

Become a Vampire

Join 5,860 developers using Dracula PRO every day.

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  • ionicons-v5-checkmark-circle4 Hand-picked Fonts
  • ionicons-v5-checkmark-circle1 Productivity E-book
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30 days refund (no Q/A)

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Thiago OliveiraBR
a month ago
When you spend hours glued to your code editor, the theme you're working with is not just a backdrop - it becomes your environment, landscape, and the canvas on which you paint the future. That's precisely why Dracula Pro is more than just a theme; it's a transformative experience that infuses vitality into your development workflow.
Christian RueschDE
a month ago
I can no longer program without the Dracula PRO. It doesn't matter if it's in VIM, Emacs or Jetbrains IDE's; with Dracula Theme, it's more fun, and you keep the overview as fast.
Steven TerryUS
3 months ago
Fantastic! Dracula PRO is even easier on the eyes than Dracula. I'm sensitive to light and rapid changes in contrast, and they often trigger migraines. PRO has been a boon, and every app and UI has it set! If you're reaching for perfect, this is the closest thing I've ever seen to it.
Ryan BevinUK
3 months ago
It's a great set of themes, and the list continues to grow. Well worth the money.
Ryan HendricksonUS
4 months ago
Like others, I never thought I would pay for a theme. Yet here we are, and I'm loving it. I was never a Dracula user, but when I saw the theme variant, Van Helsing, I knew I had to have it and have been incredibly happy ever since. Also, configuring all my work and personal PCs to be cohesive has been excellent.
Andrés Silva MartínezCO
4 months ago
I use it in IntelliJ IDEA, VS Code, VIM, Warp, Chrome and Edge; The themes are consistent and very easy on my eyes. Worth it!
Tony KirklandUS
5 months ago
I've used it with VSCode and JetBrains and do much of my work at night. The default color scheme significantly reduced eye strain. Additionally, the highlights are perfect for focusing on essential buttons while not making the screen seem busy. Before this product, I would have said theming was only about preference. After using Dracula, this is no longer the case. I highly recommend it if you spend more time staring at screens and code than you would like to admit.
Gustavo Carvalho FrancoBR
6 months ago
I've always loved Dracula; it is by far the best theme. I always wanted to buy the pro version to experience what Zeno had to offer more than the regular version. All I can say and feel is love, passion for the work, and the unique connection to find the perfect combination for everything needed.
Lucas van EngelshovenDE
6 months ago
I never thought I would pay my hard-earned money for something like a "Pro Theme"... Well, here we are, and I regret nothing. I themed my whole machine (private & work) with Dracula and Dracula Pro colors. So easy on the eyes and crystal clear when working. I can only recommend it.
Vincent LabelleCA
6 months ago
The best theme I've ever tried.
James LeeTW
6 months ago
Although I don't know about programming, Dracula's color palette helps me create a pleasant environment in other apps or projects, so I bought this product to support the creators.
Gino de GraaffUS
7 months ago
[...] It's visually stunning and makes coding more enjoyable. The color scheme is a beautiful combination of dark and vibrant colors that reduces eye strain, making it easier to focus for extended periods.
It's available for many different environments, so I can use it across all my coding projects and maintain a consistent look and feel. I also appreciate it's highly customizable, with many different variants and options.
Richard WalengaUS
7 months ago
I discovered the Dracula Theme while browsing extensions in Visual Studio Code and never looked back. The aesthetics and widespread support across software were a winning combination. Dracula PRO takes the experience to another level. My favorite of the variations is Van Helsing. I am delighted to be now able to use it in Visual Studio.
Giovanni IapaoloIT
8 months ago
The best combination of colors, everything is well optimized and thought out to the smallest detail.
Danil ZalizchukUA
8 months ago
I was looking forward to trying something new, especially a premium theme because I care a lot about my code editing experience. After using Dracula PRO for like two months, I've never looked back. Awesome!
Andreas BackmanSE
9 months ago
Beautiful themes and easy-to-follow instructions! Highly recommend Dracula Pro to anyone working in software.
Igor MoreiraBR
9 months ago
I had been using Dracula for free for a long time, and I fell in love with it right away. I decided to support this project by purchasing the pro version. It's been wonderful using the pro version.
Thiago Prates de PaulaBR
10 months ago
It's just amazing. It's not like it changed my IDE's functionality but my experience.
Johan CabezaCO
10 months ago
My experience with Dracula PRO has been remarkable. I've installed Dracula PRO all around my Mac, and I love it!
Gerinho TroenokarsoNL
a year ago
At first, I wasn't that fond of the Dracula color scheme, but it grew on me after trying out the free version in ST4. And now I love it. Then I noticed there's a PRO version too, so after I read Zeno's story for creating it plus seeing all the hard work he puts in it to make it complete, uniform, and versatile - I mean, multiple fonts included and applicable to many applications - it was kind of a no brainer to buy PRO.
Rafael Cerrejon GonzalezDE
a year ago
Excellent theme and goodies too. I am already using the theme in all my applications, also the wallpaper. I was delighted to see that the e-book is also in Spanish (apart from English and Portuguese). I recommend buying it, and you don't feel that you are simply "donating" to a theme but are buying a good series of products.
Fabian FloresCL
a year ago
Unbelievable. The quality of the work and the designs are spectacular, the color palette and incredible. Really Dracula PRO is a dark theme worth using, it is consistent, nice, well built. There are a lot of dark themes out there, but I haven't seen one that beats Dracula PRO.
Brad DunnUS
a year ago
I was skeptical at first, and I wasn't sure I made the right decision. After deciding to install the theme across all my common applications, I was sold. Having a consistent experience across everything is a dream and really helps me stay focused on the task at hand instead of futzing with styling!
Roman VillandryUS
a year ago
I've integrated it with many of my work applications and web browsers across multiple devices. Fairly painless integration and excellent installation instructions.
Daniel de CastroBR
a year ago
I'm loving how soft and vivid the colors are. I installed the theme in my code editor and other applications in my development environment. I spend most of my day at the computer, and investing in my visual comfort and productivity has been a priority. Dracula Pro was a great choice. Thanks for this great work, Zeno.
a year ago
Absolutely great theme. Clear instructions on how to apply them.
Austin SpragginsUS
a year ago
Absolutely amazing. I use the Pro theme from Windows to Kali Linux. From Visual Studio Code, Terminal, Browsers, Typora, and much more. I always set my environment up with Dracula Pro and MonoLisa font. Killer combo.
Ryan DauUS
a year ago
For a mathematics course, I'm taking at Harvard Extension School, I've decided to submit my homework assignments through LaTeXed PDFs - as a result, I've had to take my first baby steps with coding, IDEs, and managing a workflow.

I have poor eyesight due to floaters and visual snow, both of which are affected by the default normal or light themes on VSCode (which is where I go about LaTeXing). Working without a dark theme for too long in some instances has produced migraines.

That's why Dracula PRO has been a game-changer for me - I am able to use VSCode for long stretches of time without experiencing any eye strain or discomfort. As I get deeper into my mathematics and computer science education, I will be using other IDEs and programming suites, in addition to command line offerings like PowerShell, git, and bash. The knowledge that Dracula PRO can provide a consistent, pleasing dark theme across a slew of applications (and even provide a desktop wallpaper that is easy on my eyes) has given me the confidence to continue on this learning path.

If, like me, you have issues with your vision or eyesight, you should absolutely give Dracula PRO a shot.
Joshua AppelUS
a year ago
I've used Dracula for VSCode in the past but never knew there was a PRO version. I love having cohesion with Chrome, Slack, Terminal, and VSCode. The icons and fonts are awesome as well.
Taufiq AbdullahID
a year ago
After using Dracula themes for more than 3 years, I finally decided to buy Dracula PRO, and that was EPIC!
Kevin DeenooGB
a year ago
Awesome! With clear and simple instructions, it is very easy to configure all your apps. I am currently using it at work, and it is great! Very easy on the eye, considering spending countless hours looking at a monitor.
Shan ShahPK
a year ago
Dracula PRO is impressive. It's a combo of multiple themes inside—a super clean solution for tech instructors and video content creators, those who create programming video tutorials. It is developer-friendly and smooth. I highly recommend it to all developers & instructors!
Pongsatorn PaewsoongnernTH
a year ago
At first, I wasn't happy with the original Dracula Theme because of the color contrast. I knew Dracula PRO (an improved version) existed, so I decided to give it a try. The PRO themes are wonderful, they have beautiful and well-balanced color schemes. I'm delighted with it.
Fabricio KneippBR
a year ago
I love Dracula PRO ❤️
Eshin KunishimaJP
a year ago
Awesome! I have never seen such a beautiful color scheme.
Juraj GašparovičTR
a year ago
Tamir SulimanUS
a year ago
I love my Dracula pro. It's beautifully clean and allows me to focus on what is essential. It allows me to write code, debug, and present my code better. I also liked the fact that it's accessible every time I try to download it. Thank you for putting in the work on this.
Tiago José AdamiBR
a year ago
With Dracula PRO I have no more eye strain working with Notepad++ and Eclipse. I don't believe I lived so many years without knowing it! I just miss it for DBeaver Community, hope it will be available for this eclipse based tool soon.
Giuseppe PiscitelliIT
a year ago
Perfect. It's the best theme I've ever used.
Russell ChanSG
a year ago
I love the theme! The better contrast with the PRO version makes me write better code. The instructions to install the theme for the various apps were clear and easy to follow as well.
Mark MercadoUS
a year ago
I've been a Dracula fan for years; it has a beautiful color palette, and most of the applications I use daily are themed. I'm kicking myself for not going Pro sooner! Thanks so much for this lovely theme ❣️
Ignacio Sergio Díaz CárdenasCL
a year ago
Hi 👋🏻 from Santiago de Chile! I love Dracula PRO; it's fabulous, cool, beautiful, and has great colors; the theme is excellent!
Torben KorbDE
a year ago
Great theme! Available for such many apps, it's like a universal theme.
Rustam IrzaievUA
a year ago
Installed on every device I have. So cozy and eyes-friendly theme and colour palette. Right now, I can easily spend even more time doing what I like the most - coding and creating something new 😁
Keerthi VikramIN
a year ago
💘 the Dracula Pro, especially the Blade variant and with Victor Mono Font. I use the Theme on Hyper, Vscode, Brave, and LibreWolf. Totally awesome! Thanks for creating Dracula Pro 😊.
Kim YeonhoKR
a year ago
I'm always looking for cool new themes to add to my list. Now there is no need to do that anymore. Awesome!
Raphael Vaz NogueiraBR
a year ago
It's perfect for the eyes. I have been using the Dracula Theme for years, but Dracula PRO elevates things to a whole other level.
Frank Souza RochaBR
2 years ago
👋🏻 Best theme to code day and night; I love your variations. Thanks, Zeno!
Daniel GallegosUS
2 years ago
Dracula PRO is an awesome remastering of the open source Dracula themes. The instructions included for installation are super easy to follow on all platforms, and it's already introduced me to my new favorite font. I've been eyeing this package for a while, and I am very happy with my purchase. 11/10 would recommend.
Oussama DelassiDZ
2 years ago
Hard to code without Dracula PRO.
Gabriel A. DinizBR
2 years ago
My eye pains were gone by tweaking the colors and typography to Dracula Pro. I already used several screen and brightness settings, but the ideal contrast was still missing. I was always between not seeing the code correctly and straining my eyes or too much light and hurting my eyes. It's comfortable as I imagined.
Kevin WuTW
2 years ago
The Dracula PRO is the most BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE theme I have ever used.
2 years ago
Well, before I knew about Dracula PRO, I tried many themes on the internet. Starting with Ayu themes and many others, until I felt bored. When looking for Dracula themes, I found Dracula PRO so I got it. After installing and using Dracula PRO, I'm falling in love with this theme... ❤️❤️❤️ With nice font and colors... Good job Dracula team! Keep it up!
Arthur SchneiderUS
2 years ago
*Dracula voice* Hello and Greetings. With much satisfaction, I write this review of the Dracula PRO theme. I Strahd Von Zarovich, purchased this theme after some pesky do gooders found me with my office nook working on my 'projects'. After I quickly dispatched and make example of them, I set out to find a new way for me and my work to blend into the night. I stumbled upon this theme and its beauty rivals that of my dear Tatyana. I was please with the check out services using my vvoogle pay and it was complete in a "Giffy." I rate this theme 11/10. With warm and loving regards from Barovia your Dread and Master Lord Strahd Von Zarovich.
Casey FridayUS
2 years ago
Man, buying PRO was the easiest decision I've ever made. I had used Dracula for years prior and didn't know PRO existed (or maybe it didn't exist yet?), but now I am almost physically incapable of working on a system that doesn't have my Dracula color scheme.
Helga Rykov IbsenDK
2 years ago
I just LOVE Dracula Pro themes. They work very nicely with Rider. Thanks a lot!
Fagner LimaBR
2 years ago
The most beautiful and perfect theme now on almost every platform I use. Very grateful for the excellent work that Zeno and his team have done and continue to do. The book helped me a lot to evolve professionally and as an individual. I just have to say thank you!
Yuri Bruno Montez Paes NettoBR
2 years ago
It's the greatest theme ever!
Henrique FelippeBR
2 years ago
At first, I was afraid to pay for a text editor theme, so I used the open source Dracula theme in my VSCode and loved it right away. When I realized I was using the theme wherever it was possible, I bought the Dracula PRO theme, and I can say that it makes a difference. The attention to detail is incredible, and I don't regret it one bit. Congratulations to the developers.
Nicholas BrackettUS
2 years ago
Dracula PRO is the best theme I have ever used, bar none. The beautifully contrasting colors and included fonts have significantly reduced the eye strain experienced when reviewing code.
Christina W.US
2 years ago
I love this! I've been a fan/user of the main Dracula theme for years and finally upgraded to Dracula Pro. It's so good! It looks great and works with all my apps (iTerm2, Windows Terminal, VSCode, Alfred). Love it!
Ross MartinUS
2 years ago
Dracula PRO is an awesome finely tuned theme platform for many different applications. After purchasing, I was ecstatic to configure all of my common development tools with the new themes. I am happily surprised with how easy installation was, and how informative the documentation is. Zeno has done a fantastic job with configuring a beautiful, luscious, close to universal dark theme.
Daniel KulangievCA
2 years ago
Best theme I've used thus far.
Leo SkarpaHR
2 years ago
I was very skeptical about buying this... I mean, it is a theme and there are a lot of free themes, BUT this is not JUST a theme! This theme is so good that I can't wait to start coding in the morning! It is so easy on the eyes and the colors are so beautiful... it is just perfect!
Andres SardouUS
2 years ago
Absolutely love this package of themes. Very happy with the purchase and pleasantly surprised at everything that comes in the package.
Melanie SumnerUS
2 years ago
It's nearly perfect. I love it!
Tolga DurakTR
2 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous theme to look at. I have fallen in love with using my computer every day thanks to Dracula PRO.
Yasin Tharak MiranLK
2 years ago
Thanks, Zeno, for this exquisitely crafted theme! The colours and the contrasts are well balanced. This helped to relieve the strain on my eyes significantly. And it's a consistent theme that keeps me focused even when switching tools. I use it across IntelliJ Suite, ZSH, iTerm, and even Alfred! Dracula PRO is the best dark theme I ever used.
Shane EmmonsUS
2 years ago
Fantastic. Being able to bring a unified theme across my machine has made context switching between apps far less jarring.
Justin EllisonUS
2 years ago
The classic Dracula theme with improvements and variations, all pre-configured for your favorite tool and paired with installation instructions. Does the deliverable justify the price? That's up to you, but for me, having this level of consistency across all my apps is well worth it.
Netipun JiwjaroenTH
2 years ago
I really love Dracula PRO.
David Sang Jun LeeBR
2 years ago
It's worth it, buy it and install it, and you won't regret it. The theme has so much content that can be endlessly enjoyed. Thank you very much!
Orkhan HasanliAZ
2 years ago
Before purchasing the PRO version, I used the free version and I was very satisfied. Several years later, I decided to switch to the PRO version and was pleasantly surprised. The PRO version met my expectations. I wish you creative success and thank you for Dracula PRO.
Matheus LimaBR
2 years ago
It’s a game-changer to have your terminal, editor, slack, and even wallpaper, matching the same theme.
Eric JekerCH
2 years ago
Very happy I bought Dracula PRO. I was able to make the look and feel of all my apps consistently.
Scott KillenUS
2 years ago
I love Dracula PRO. It is a well planned theme that helps to tie everything together.
Gabriel VilelaBR
2 years ago
I loved the original Dracula theme, but it had some contrast issues in some cases, which is why I bought the Dracula Pro theme. The e-book and wallpapers are also a nice bonus to the package.
Morgan EstesUS
2 years ago
Love the color schemes and the variety of apps that Dracula PRO supports. Having a consistent color scheme between them is very nice, especially since I switch between apps so often during the day and don't need to be jarred by different colors and typography.
Joost HakkennesNL
2 years ago
I was looking for a theme I could use in several text editors. A colleague told me about this theme. After trying the free version for a while I decided to buy the pro version. And this one is even better.
Andreas NäsmanFI
2 years ago
I've been using the regular Dracula theme for years on most of my developer tools. Personally, I really enjoy the color scheme and how the different nuances play together. Once I got a developer job, it felt natural to support the maker of the theme. Dracula PRO offers some improvements over the free version, which is a nice bonus! 🙂
Love SharmaIN
2 years ago
It's Awesome! Not only VS Code with Dracula Theme, but the whole Mac considering Alfred, Firefox, and iTerm. I spent 80-90% on these applications throughout my day. The choice of colors is fantastic, and I am using Van Helsing! Thanks, Zeno!
Don ReeceUS
2 years ago
Hands down, the best dark theme ever.
Walter J. KraxbergerAR
2 years ago
I love the color scheme, which is pretty comfortable for my long coding sessions. Spooktacular product, ghoulishly made.
Nathaniel BlackburnGB
2 years ago
A beautiful set of themes that take what you love about Dracula and take it to the next level.
Jean CarlosBR
2 years ago
Amazing... I can use the theme in all software and applications... the only thing missing to make it perfect was to make the PRO theme for the terminator.
Xerxes DengSG
2 years ago
Absolutely the best theme I have ever used. The Pro version is much better than the free one. There is nothing I need to config, just install-and-use.
Haram KwonUS
2 years ago
David RinggenbergUS
2 years ago
This theme has helped alleviate the strain on my eyes during the day. Readability increased, less strain, easier workday. What more could you want from something that is easily installed on multiple platforms?
Lance WicksUK
2 years ago
It's great being able to bring disparate tools into a consistent look and feel.
Philip John BasileUS
2 years ago
Great design and works perfectly with WebStorm.
Chance BensonUS
2 years ago
I've used the original Dracula theme on Vim, iTerm, Sublime, and Atom. I tried a version on JetBrains PHPStorm for a bit but just wasn't the same. That was until Dracula Pro. I use it now for everything! Slack, PHPStorm, VIM, iTerm, Chrome, etc. Dracula Pro just makes staring at code for 10+ hours a day much easier. I've told all my coworkers when they ask how I got such an awesome setup to get Dracula Pro!
Uladzimir TanakouBY
2 years ago
I've been using this theme for about a month and I really excited about the work author was made! The only thing I want to change is to make it not so green, I'm an Android engineer and in Kotlin files I feel like a leprechaun.
2 years ago
I always struggle in finding an eye-friendly dark theme. Dracula is one of the best themes for me till Dracula PRO.
Migi DomingoUS
2 years ago
I'm very much digging this so far. I like using the different themes to differentiate between my apps or browser profiles. It's also refreshing and comforting to see the colors in my text editor. Dracula PRO a step up from the standard Dracula theme.
Armando ChavezMX
2 years ago
We will always remind this theme as the best that ever existed.
Jim MarciniakUS
3 years ago
I was in a screen sharing session with a co-worker of mine and I saw the color scheme he had in VSCode. My immediate reaction was... "What theme are you using? I love the palette and contrast". He said it was Dracula. So, I immediately went out and installed it. After using it for a bit, the only change I made was to darken the background just a bit in my editor windows (not everything else). After a few weeks of using it in VSCode, I decided I wanted it for all of my other editors (sublime, vstudio 2019 (windows and mac), xcode, chrome, etc) and computers. That said, I love the color choices and it has been a great relief to my late-night eye strain. Thank you for putting in the effort to produce a color palette that is both easy on the eyes, but also extremely intuitive.
John WalshUS
3 years ago
I really like the added options in the pro version, subtle color changes and more of them for VSCode.
Jennifer JiangUS
3 years ago
I've always loved Dracula, and wasn't sure about taking the leap. After I got my newest job, I thought about giving it a go. I love it as much as ever, and didn't realize what I was missing out on. The colors are deeper and pop in the way I love. Every time I code, I feel like I am playing with candy.
Gabriele LanaIT
3 years ago
Best color theme ever, I'm a professional developer and when I can improve my work tools I'll do it. A color scheme that is pleasant and easy on the eye it's a big improvement.
Abinash PatraIN
3 years ago
It's one of those things, which you don't know what you are missing out on, until you have it. Gotta say the color combination for the theme being applied across all my apps has been great for me.
Wenbo ChenJP
3 years ago
Extremely good, I used the Dracula theme for a long time. When I noticed that there is a PRO version of it, bought it without any hesitation.
Tony OribelloUS
3 years ago
Dracula may have been my go-to color scheme for my daily use applications, but Dracula PRO was the color scheme I had no idea I NEEDED. Text is so much easier to read and in my opinion is much easier on the eyes. Now I wish everything had a Dracula PRO theme! Hoping for some form of adaptation for a Windows custom theme in the future!
Brett HowellsUS
3 years ago
I work at AWS now and just today during a screen share someone commented on how they loved my scheme! (I’ve basically skinned everything I can with the Dracula Pro theme!) I started using Dracula in VS Code while working IT at a small software company. I was just learning PowerShell and Dracula made it easy for me to parse and quickly understand what my script was doing. Thanks for doing what you do!
Pakkaphong AkkabutTH
3 years ago
I call it the "End game theme". You have to try it. And you'll love Dracula PRO.
Abimael MartellMX
3 years ago
I've been using Dracula for a few years, and the package of Dracula PRO is awesome. It includes a few color themes for all the IDEs you could think of, including alternative Icons.
Jason CharnesUS
3 years ago
I spend HOURS trying out themes. Typically, I try a bunch out and then go back to what I was using before. (What a buzzkill!) Something always feels off. When I found Dracula PRO and saw the amount of effort and attention to detail put into it - it was a no-brainer. I'm a sucker for consistency so it's a HUGE bonus that it doesn't just provide a theme for my code editor, but also zsh and iTerm.
Deniz OğuzTR
3 years ago
It is good to have the same theme for IntelliJ and VSCode.
Karl BitzUS
3 years ago
Really like the contrast - at first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors, but I definitely notice a difference in how easy it is to read vs. other dark themes.
Trevor RobertsonAU
3 years ago
Dracula PRO ended my years of searching and switching coding themes. I never wonder if there is anything better out there anymore. Furthermore, being able to use the same theme across various applications is very beneficial. Since time is a limited resource, I truly appreciate (and happily pay for) anything that makes me more productive. I thought Dracula was the last colour scheme I would ever use. I was wrong, Dracula PRO is the one! It really is a massive upgrade, yet you can slide right into it with ease.
Osman HernandezDE
3 years ago
Pretty easy to setup. Plus I really like there are themes for practically all the editor. Icons for applications. Amazing package
Ivan TomicaHR
3 years ago
Dracula is a very balanced and nice theme. Dracula PRO is whole another level though, it adds few additional color schemes so you can fit it with very much every other theme out there. The fact that is available for a huge number of programs is just another bonus added on top. When I was evaluating should I purchase the theme, I was thinking "Pfft, $XY for a darn theme?! C'mon!". Since I've purchased it, I haven't regretted a cent!
Lucas RangelBR
3 years ago
It's easy to install and works perfectly with all development apps :)
Bruno BrunckhorstDE
3 years ago
Quite simply, it's amazing. I'll be honest: I was a bit skeptical regarding the fact that having a "more mathematical approach" to a color scheme could make that big a difference, but I love the theme and wanted to support you. How wrong I was! It's incredible how well every single color goes together, the contrast makes everything SUPER readable and still perfectly comfortable for the eyes. I can code for hours without any eye fatigue. Really well done, I want Dracula PRO on everything ever!
Scott RallyaUS
3 years ago
My experience with Dracula PRO has been absolutely fantastic. The color scheme is a fantastic addition to the themes I regularly use, it's clear and crisp, works great in a wide variety of applications, and simply looks beautiful!
Tom McFarlinUS
3 years ago
I've been using Dracula PRO (specifically Van Helsing) for some time now with its fonts, terminal color scheme, Chrome color scheme, and Code color scheme to provide a consistent development experience across my tools.
Thibault FouacheCH
3 years ago
Easy to install and consistent between multiple tools. Worth the money :)
Matt BagnaraUS
3 years ago
The organization of the Dracula PRO installation is easy to follow and there is ample documentation geared towards developers and those familiar with the tools. I appreciate the thought that went into attention like including preferred fonts and icons for popular applications. I have set up themes for Firefox, ZSH, and a few icons on my MacOS work computer. I have not installed it on my Linux workstation yet but I expect it to be straightforward for that too. As Dracula PRO expands, I would love to see a native theme for major Emacs distributions like DOOM. I also see the potential for suggesting fonts such as Iosevka depending on its licensing model.
Dale MartenstynGB
3 years ago
Downloaded and installed pretty easily, clear instructions. Applied the theme to my IDE (VSC), terminal (Oh my ZSH) and others too. Love the variations and the look-n-feel. Highly recommended. I also use the themed icons on the homepage and replaced the default desktop icons for applications like Firefox, VSC, Discord, etc. Completes the look! :) I am also a member of the mechanical keyboard community. Also waiting for the Dracula-themed keycap set to be released from GMK (Dracula). Would be great if there were a few more themed wallpapers!
Enrique AliagaPE
3 years ago
Dracula PRO is a nice improvement over standard Dracula. The colors look better even on my non-retina monitor; the multiple variants (Blade, Bluffy, Lincoln, etc.) are a nice little touch. I find myself enjoying Blade and Bluffy, in particular. Blade has this greenish, "hackerish" look to it, that I find quite cool. I would love to see a similar theme but with an amber tint to it, mimicking the amber terminals of yore. The price is a little steep, but you get a few goodies alongside the themes, such as wallpapers and even an e-book on programmer productivity. I'd say the whole package is not worth 80 bucks, but I still paid happily because what I really wanted is to support the creator.
Victor SalesUS
3 years ago
I was a bit hesitant at first, but after I applied it to all my apps it was very satisfying. I really like the new colors on the pro version.
Jaron HendrixUS
3 years ago
Since I first discovered Dracula, it has been my go-to theme of choice. When I heard that it had gone PRO, it was an easy decision to upgrade. I love how easy it is to customize, even though the base styles are already fantastic, and the wide variety of applications it supports make it even better. It is the linchpin that holds together a unified developer experience for me.
Michael CamachoUS
3 years ago
Dracula PRO made me fall in love again with using my computer and code editors.
Davi BusanelloBR
3 years ago
Have gein a great experiencing using the Dracula PRO; I had used the regular version many times in the past years. However, now, I feel very comfortable switching applications with the same theme.
Bogdan BrinzaUS
3 years ago
Dracula PRO, use it for every app that supports it!
Danny BowenUS
3 years ago
Definitely love the original Dracula theme. PRO definitely takes things to the next level, and there’s definitely a lot to love even more.
Henry WUS
3 years ago
It looks amazing and it is easy on the eyes.
Matthew StobbsCA
3 years ago
I'm mostly blind in one eye and require a low glare/brightness screen. Too much white will actually tire my good eye out, causing migraines and headaches. Haven't had one since I've started using Dracula PRO, specifically the Blade variant.
Jose TriguerosUS
3 years ago
I used to envy developers that didn't really care what font or theme they were using on their tooling. If my font didn't look right, or the theme is off, I could not focus! I heard about Dracula in a Changelog episode, since then I have been using Dracula PRO across all my applications. Oh, what a blessing! No longer am I wasting time picking a color theme. Dracula has the right balance of colors that is pleasing to the eyes.
Richard GuayTH
3 years ago
I love Dracula PRO since it gives me uniformity across many of the applications I use daily. And it doesn't hurt my eyes as many light themes do. The contrast is just perfect.
Benji van AckeranUS
3 years ago
Dracula all the things! It's been very easy to bring a uniform look-n-feel to my environment. In places where it was not obvious, there were clear instructions on how to theme your application. You also aren't bottlenecked into a single way of doing themes, i.e. vim.
Jose PuertasES
3 years ago
Just a couple of days and loving it. I was already using Dracula, but PRO seems more natural for me. Also, I love the Van Helsing variation, I like the darker background, but in general, prefer the Dracula PRO color. I'm using it mainly for iTerm and VScode and both themes are awesome.
Jon IrvingCA
3 years ago
I have ADHD, which manifests as upgraditis and emacs color theme dysphoria. Dracula is my goto baseline when I need to STOP and get productive. It has been for several years now - it has divine quality of imposing no cognitive load incremental to the background hum of a programmer's brain. Use it. Spend a couple of days looking for something better. Then use it more.
Luca TumedeiFR
3 years ago
I like dark themes. I do like having them applied to all my IDEs and terminal emulators. I do not like having to compile fonts to make them display correctly, and I do not like the platform lock of some. Dracula PRO removes all the things I do not like. I like Dracula PRO.
Dave LevineUS
3 years ago
I love the Dracula theme and probably always will, but there's something very nuanced that makes Dracula PRO stand out. After applying it to a number of applications on my Macbook and Linux desktop, both machines have never looked better. Thanks for creating these themes; they're fantastic.
Corey GagnonUS
3 years ago
Dracula PRO is great. Got it into all my development apps in macOS, Windows, and Linux within a few minutes.
Charlie DePalmoUS
3 years ago
I love it. I've used the normal Dracula theme for years everywhere I can. I don't have a very discerning eye for color, but upgrading to Dracula PRO tastes like substituting garlic for black garlic.
Zachary TaylorUS
3 years ago
Theme wise it is fantastic. I use it everywhere, but Firefox definitely shines with it especially. I dig the variations offered while maintaining the same look and feel. I moved one of the wallpapers into my rotation. However, the videos aren't captioned so I can't speak for those.
3 years ago
I have been using the Dracula theme for years in Vim, Atom, and the terminal, so when I saw there was a Dracula PRO offer I immediately purchased it. The instructions for installing the themes and wallpapers are clear and worked the first time. I now have Dracula themes on the majority of the software development tools I use every day. On Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS, Dracula is installed on the Gnome Desktop UI & Wallpaper, Google Chrome, Firefox, Atom, Terminal, and Vim. The color coordination looks great, and the dark theme of Dracula is easy on the eyes for sustained periods of development work. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase and pleased there is a PRO version of the Dracula to support its further improvements.
Alexander OhlénSE
3 years ago
It's the best collection of themes out there; the creator does not leave anything to chance. Pure perfection. I use it everywhere possible! The balance between readability and ease of the eyes is extremely pleasant.
Umair AbbasiUS
3 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to create something so beautifully elegant. It has been a pleasure coding in your color precision themes.
John William DavisUS
3 years ago
I am very happy with my purchase. I've been using the Dracula theme on Vim and VSCode for awhile now, and the upgrade to PRO is worth it. I love the various versions. Sometimes I will change them depending on what I am working on or I will change depending on what my mood is. I came across the information regarding the PRO version when I was doing some research on the website to figure out the install for the Gnome terminal. Like any craft, the details and the tools of programming do make a difference to one's individual comfort level while working. Sometimes a piece of software is like a book or an essay. Some software speaks to you and some do not. I like to support nice development work that speaks to me. My favorite theme as of today is Dracula PRO Morbius. I also enjoyed the videos. I am greatly looking forward to the release of the ebook. Thank you, Zeno, for a job well done!
Tarcísio PedroBR
3 years ago
I spend, on average, 8 to 14 hours programming between work and studies, and nothing is more just to feel good in your development environment. And Dracula PRO gave me that personal satisfaction.
Max DmytrenkoUA
3 years ago
Really enjoying it. Colour contrasts are great and are comfortable on the eyes, especially when working during the night.
Mario JacksonDE
3 years ago
Pretty awesome! At first, not all colors were accurate (in Jetbrains) but you've fixed that pretty fast.
Sal AldanaUS
3 years ago
I use Dracula PRO for all levels of development as I've found using a similar palette across all my IDE's improves my productivity immensely.
Don MillerUS
3 years ago
I installed all of the themes and Alfred workflows within the hour of receiving them. I am loving them all!
Brett HowellsUS
3 years ago
I’ve been using Dracula for a few years now. Extremely happy I could support the author with Dracula PRO!
Kyle GriederUS
3 years ago
I've been using regular Dracula for several years now, and when I realized that Dracula PRO existed, it was kind of a no-brainer for me. I've always loved Dracula, and anytime I can use it for anything, I will. I wanted to support you for the work you put in. Also, I really like the Van Helsing theme - I wanted something just a little darker than the regular Dracula, and that seemed to be perfect for me. Also, the Victor font goes really well with it, and I really like it.
Gábor TillHU
3 years ago
VSCode theme is killer and I also really like the consistency between the apps I use every day.
Marko NIkolajevićRS
3 years ago
I installed it in all tools I use, like VSCode, iTerm, and ZSH! I love the color combination, and writing code is very enjoyable.
Christian EidenDE
3 years ago
Dracula PRO helps me bear the waiting time for GMK Dracula.
Chris WiningerUS
3 years ago
I heard about Dracula PRO on The Mike Dominick Show. I am a sucker for a pretty dev environment; so, I immediately snagged it. I frequently switch between the Linux desktop and OSX but try to keep much of my tooling, fonts, and themes similar in both environments. This just made my life easier and it looks great! I've gotten plenty of compliments from colleagues about my fonts and colors during screen shares. I particularly love the Blade and Van Helsing themes. Keep up the good work!
Nonthawat DuangchaiTH
3 years ago
It works perfectly great! Great for syntax highlighting and also great for my eyes <3. It makes me feel more comfortable when looking at the code on my screen. Moreover, when I don't have eye strain, I can work longer with the code.
Javier ZapataES
3 years ago
I started using Dracula around 2014 (with Sublime Text and iTerm2) and six years later I still use it, now with VScode, Hyper, and Zsh. I'm constantly trying new themes, but I always find myself going back to Dracula, it just feels like home. The moment I saw there was a PRO version, it was a no-brainer. I love having consistency across my workspace and the color palette feels more refined. The additional versions and all the other goodies are just the icing on the cake.
Sven BendelDE
3 years ago
The beautifully designed themes with crisp colors for most of the tools important to a modern developer are just plain lovely! Everything is clearly visible thanks to the great contrasts. And your desktop becomes a truly unique sight after installing the bundled Victor Mono font. Combined with superb support from the inventor of the Dracula color theme himself and you've got a product easily worth the money asked for it. And it's only going to get better over time! :)
Jordan SkoleUS
3 years ago
I went to Atom Themes, found Dracula and really liked it! A few days later, I saw your tweet about going independent, and BOOM! Here we are. I had no idea I would get all the bonus themes - iTerm, Alfred, etc.
Miha FilejSI
3 years ago
I appreciate everything you added to the bundle to make the purchase more compelling, but honestly, the themes by themselves are already worth the money.
Ahmad Abu-AyshehJO
3 years ago
I love my code now much more. It's more comprehensive and beautiful at the same time. My whole IDE is easier to handle now! I made it my default for every JetBrains IDE I use!
Tyler StillwaterUS
3 years ago
Love it. It's obvious there was a tremendous amount of thought, time, and care put into this entire system.
Vithun GajendraGB
3 years ago
Really love the colours. I used to be a light theme person all these years. Something about Dracula PRO really appealed to me, and I gave it a try. Now, I’ve switched to dark themes not only for the tools which have a Dracula theme, but for the entire macOS itself.
Raul C PenaUS
3 years ago
I am new to data science and I started using different IDE's and communicating using Slack. I found myself customizing each one to fit my liking. Having Dracula PRO integrated with all my IDE's and chat platforms makes it super easy to stay focused. The color schemes and fonts are incredible and very easy on the eyes.
Kevin ColemanUS
3 years ago
I've used Dracula for quite a while now. It keeps things easily readable, easy on the eyes, and makes me feel like a genuine hacker, all in one package! Glad to support it now after all this time!
Agénor DebriatFR
4 years ago
As good as it gets. Installation was a breeze, and the themes did not disappoint. It's like Dracula, but more polished and more coherent. Love it.
Dinh Quoc HanVN
4 years ago
Dracula PRO is the best dark theme I ever used. I really love it.
Lucas ViennaDE
4 years ago
Dracula PRO is everything that Dracula was, but better. I use it across all my tools, and the uniformity I get is just perfect.
João Inácio NetoBR
4 years ago
I spend all day working on my computer. Using Dracula PRO as my main theme in most applications is essential for me. The colors seem to suit the eyes, and the feeling of not tiring the views is incredible, especially at night. I can say that my productivity has increased much more after using the theme.
Glenn CarremansBE
4 years ago
Loving it so far! A consistent dark theme that keeps me focused even when switching tools.
Matt NedrichUS
4 years ago
Like using the PRO theme so far. Price is definitely steep, but I feel good about supporting Zeno since I've been using the free themes for so long.