Discover the latest updates and improvements for Dracula Pro.
  • Emacs and BetterDiscord

    One of the most requested Dracula PRO themes is finally available! Emacs users, here it is! 😉

    And last but not least, we now have support for BetterDiscord too!

    Dracula PRO for Emacs

    This was one of the first times where we had beta testers helping us shape these PRO themes. Keep an eye on Discord in case you wanna help 💖

  • Dracula PRO for Visual Studio and minor fixes

    Our users have long requested Dracula PRO support for Visual Studio, and it is finally here with all variants and as close as possible to its VSCode counterpart.

    Dracula PRO for Visual Studio

    ✅ We also adjusted the Background and Selection Color in Notepad++, which were overlapping and not giving the necessary highlight.

    🎯 We've also made a minor tweak to the Sublime Text instructions.

  • Alacritty Revamp

    Earlier last week, we published an updated version of the pack with a complete overhaul of the theme for the Alacritty app.

    🔪 Blade variant:

    Dracula PRO's Alacritty Revamp

    ✅ We fixed and adjusted our theme and all variants to the most modern app standards.

    ✨ And we also updated the installation instructions.

  • 27% smaller and JetBrains 2022

    As you know, Dracula PRO used to come with some videos. This made it difficult for folks to update their local themes, since the .zip package is quite large, and re-downloading it takes time. To help with that, I decided to remove the videos, which makes it 27% smaller now.

    Dracula PRO's on JetBrains IDE's

    JetBrains just released a new version called 2022.1, so if you use IntelliJ, PyCharm, CLion, DataGrip, WebStorm, or RubyMine, it's time to update your Dracula PRO plugin.

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • JetBrains 2021.2 and 150k mark

    JetBrains just released a new version called 2021.2, so if you use IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, CLion, DataGrip, or RubyMine, it's time to update your Dracula PRO plugin.

    Dracula PRO's on JetBrains IDE's

    150k Mark

    One of my goals with Dracula PRO is to be as transparent as possible. This includes opening revenue numbers and sharing what happened along the way (even when it's not good).

    Yesterday I noticed that we just hit $151,328.16 in sales and I decided to write a Twitter thread with some lessons learned, along with an update to the Dracula PRO Journey page.

    Dracula PRO Journey

    Thank you for making this journey possible, I hope these insights are helpful! 🙏

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Free Audiobook and Insomnia

    The last two weeks have been really busy. I decided to create this page to show Dracula PRO's journey from $0 to $100k and it blew up. Since then, 218 people bought Dracula PRO, which represents $13,599.35.

    I'm not gonna pretend it was all good. To be quite frank, I wasn't expecting such a high volume of new users. This generated a flood of support emails and questions via DM. Taking care of all this alone has been very difficult, especially because I have a full-time job that consumes me a lot.

    Still, I couldn't be more proud to see this community growing. 💜

    Dracula PRO's journey


    I've always believed that tools and hard skills are only a part of what makes a productive developer. That's why I decided to write a book about habits and soft skills.

    After months of planning and editing, the audiobook is now available on Audible. 🎉

    I insisted on recording with my own voice, instead of some random guy who sounds like a robot. In total, there are 3 hours 21 minutes and 35 seconds of audio, which includes not only the content of the book but also extra comments that are made at the end of each chapter.

    Dracula PRO users are getting all this for free. Enjoy! 😁

    Zeno recording the audiobook


    Dracula PRO is also getting a new theme - Insomnia is now available - including its 5 different variations: Blade, Buffy, Lincoln, Morbius, and Van Helsing.

    If you don't know Insomnia, it's a cross-platform REST API client which is getting pretty popular.

    Insomnia with Dracula Pro

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Big Sur icons and JetBrains 2020.3

    • JetBrains recently launched the 2020.3 stable version. Two months ago I released an update for that, but many users didn't download it yet, so this is a friendly reminder to get the latest version.
    • Monitors are getting bigger and bigger, so I decided to include a new 8K resolution wallpaper for those people who enjoy the extra space.
    • This is for those who are using the new macOS Big Sur. You probably noticed that Apple updated the desktop icons to a skeuomorphism style, so here's a new set of fresh icons for you to start using.

    Dracula Pro Icons (Big Sur)

    Dracula Pro Icons (Big Sur) - Blade

    Dracula Pro Icons (Big Sur) - Buffy

    Dracula Pro Icons (Big Sur) - Lincoln

    Dracula Pro Icons (Big Sur) - Morbius

    Dracula Pro Icons (Big Sur) - Van Helsing

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • 🎃 It's Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

    Dracula Pro Halloween!

    I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you.

    There are now 1,588 Dracula PRO users, which is absolutely insane.

    On the open source side our clan continues to grow too, just take a look at these crazy numbers...

    • 👻 VSCode: 1,661,819 users
    • 🧟 JetBrains: 280,392 users
    • 💀 Atom: 219,224 users

    Because of your support, I'm able to maintain this huge community and continue to build the most used theme for developers.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💜

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • New Alacritty theme and JetBrains update


    • New Alacritty theme

    Dracula Pro for Alacritty


    • Add support for EAP 2020.3 (Early Access Program)

    WebStorm 2020.3 EAP

    Desktop Icons

    • Add Alacritty icons
    • Add Android Studio icons

    Dracula Pro - Alacritty icons

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • New Desktop Icons

    Last weekend I started playing around with some custom app icons. People seemed to like it, so I decided to take it to the next level.

    Presenting the Dracula PRO Desktop Icons!

    The 20 icons are available in 6 different flavors, just like the themes.

    Dracula Pro Icons

    Dracula Pro Icons - Blade

    Dracula Pro Icons - Buffy

    Dracula Pro Icons - Lincoln

    Dracula Pro Icons - Morbius

    Dracula Pro Icons - Van Helsing

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Updates on JetBrains, VSCode, Notepad++


    • Add support for EAP 2020.2 (Early Access Program)
    • Standardize syntax colors for HTML, XML, CSS, JS, JSON, Go, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and C#


    • Enable semantic highlighting
    • Modify hover background color to fix a terminal bug
    • Enhance whitespace color
    • Make breadcrumb color match active tab color
    • Add support for editor.foldBackground highlight group


    • Add support for LaTeX highlight
    • Include note about Markdown syntax
    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Chrome and Firefox

    From Mosaic to Netscape to IE6.

    We all love using browsers to navigate through this crazy world called the internet. We spend a lot of time on our code editors and terminals, but I bet we spend even more time on web browsers.

    That's why having a Dracula PRO theme for the most popular browsers is not only cool; it's a must-have.


    Starting with the most used browser in the world. Here are all six variations of Dracula PRO on Google Chrome.

    Dracula Pro for Chrome


    Now let's talk about Mozilla's main project - Firefox. What I love about this theme are the accent colors present on the active tabs and buttons. It's a simple, gorgeous detail.

    Dracula Pro for Firefox

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • VIM

    The #1 most requested Dracula PRO theme is finally available!

    Vim users, Neovim users, MacVim users, here it is 😉

    Dracula Pro for VIM

    P.S.: This wouldn't be possible without the help of D. Ben Knoble and the initial work done by Derek Sifford. You guys are the best!


    I updated the wallpaper sizes to support 4k and 5k monitors.

    Color Palette

    Besides providing the Dracula PRO colors in HEX, RGB, and HSL, I now added the ANSI 256 equivalent.

    You can find them all inside design/

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Wallpapers

    I'm super excited to announce the Dracula PRO Wallpapers!

    They are programmatically generated with JavaScript, converted to SVGs, and then exported as PNGs to fit every platform and screen size.

    Dracula Pro wallpapers on devices

    We spend the entire day on our computers, so having a wallpaper that consistently matches the rest of your applications is key.

    Dracula Pro wallpapers on devices

    And here's how it looks on a watch. It's simply gorgeous.

    Dracula Pro wallpapers on devices

    I hope you like it and please: post screenshots of your new wallpapers so I can check them out (and your friends get jealous) 😄

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • New Atom theme + JetBrains 2020.1

    Atom, a code editor built by GitHub, was one of the most requested themes. I'm glad to announce that it's now available for PRO users.

    New Atom theme

    JetBrains Update

    JetBrains has an Early Access Program (EAP) in which they provide a beta build of their IDEs. Starting today, Dracula PRO has support for those 2020.1 beta versions too.

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Becoming more Windows-friendly

    I have some good news for Windows users.

    Dracula PRO is now available for Notepad++ and Windows Terminal.

    Dracula Pro on Windows

    Besides that, I made some minor updates to the JetBrains IDEs themes.

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Design Files

    Many people asked if the Dracula PRO package included the color codes for them to use in other apps.

    Because of that, I decided to not only describe all colors in HEX, RGB, and HSL, but also add some design files for:

    • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
    • Figma
    • Sketch

    Design Files for Sketch

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • XCode Major Update

    Thanks to the feedback provided by Dominik Kozlowski, the XCode theme received a major update.

    All the color variations, font weights, and Console schemes have been improved. If you're a Swift or Objective-C developer, I'm sure you're going to like this.

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • JetBrains Revamp

    I received some emails asking why the JetBrains IDEs themes were so different than the VSCode and Sublime themes.

    Although all editors are different and it's not possible to have a 100% match, those feedbacks were completely right, so I decided to rethink the entire JetBrains theme. Here's the result:


    JetBrains Revamp Before


    JetBrains Revamp After

    Not only the sidebar, file tree, tabs, and line numbers were updated. I also revisited the syntax highlighting for all languages.

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Android Studio

    Hey 👋 I just made an update for the JetBrains IDEs theme to support Android Studio.

    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha
  • Videos added

    I have recently updated some files associated with Dracula Pro. They're yours for free.

    • Welcome Video
    • Alfred Screencast
    • Font Instructions
    Zeno Rocha
    Zeno Rocha