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Dracula Theme for PowerShell
powershell - Theme Preview

PowerShell Console

A dark theme for the Windows 10 Console, supports both PowerShell and cmd.exe.

Theme Installation

There are 3 parts to configure; all of them are optional:

<details><summary><strong>Powershell colors</strong></summary> <p>
  1. Install the prerequisites:
    • PSReadLine 2.0 or later. It's installed by default in Windows 10, but you'll most likely need to upgrade it. You can verify your PSReadLine version by running (Get-Module PSReadLine).Version.Major
    • Install git integration (posh-git) with Install-Module -Name posh-git -AllowPrerelease -Force . If you don't have an -AllowPrerelease flag, upgrade PowerShellGet with Install-Module -Name PowerShellGet -Force first. If that still doesn't work, see this reported fix (thanks @LukeSavefrogs!).
  2. Download and unzip ColorTool. The source code is available from Microsoft.
  3. Open PowerShell, navigate to the unzipped ColorTool directory, and run install.cmd.
  4. Include this powershell configuration in your PowerShell $profile file.<sup>1</sup>
  5. Right-click on the window titlebar and choose Properties, then on the Font tab choose Consolas. Click OK to save.
</p> </details> <details><summary><strong>CMD.exe Prompt</strong></summary> <p>

Set the environment variable prompt to the value in this file. These crazy strings are called ANSI Escape Sequences.

</p> </details> <details><summary><strong>Windows Titlebar Color</strong></summary> <p>

In Windows 10, the titlebar color can be set system-wide in Settings → Personalization → Colors → Custom color → More → #262835.

</p> </details>


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