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Dracula Theme for FreeCAD
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Install using FreeCAD

Starting with FreeCAD 0.20, this theme is available via the Addon manager!

Install manually

Refer to the FreeCAD wiki for manual installation instructions.

Activating theme

  1. Install the PreferencePack either using the Addon manager inside FreeCAD or manually.

  2. Activate the pack via Preferences -> General -> Preference packs -> Dracula -> Apply

  3. Boom! It's working

FreeCAD <0.20

If you are using a FreeCAD version before 0.20 you will need to do the following:

  1. Copy dracula.qss to ~/.FreeCAD/Gui/Stylesheets/ (Linux) /Users/[YOUR_USER_NAME]/Library/Preferences/FreeCAD/Gui/Stylesheets/ (MacOS) or C:/[INSTALLATION_PATH]/FreeCAD/data/Gui/Stylesheets/ (Windows)

  2. Rename Dracula.cfg to user.cfg and copy to ~/.FreeCAD/ (Linux) /Users/[YOUR_USER_NAME]/Library/Preferences/FreeCAD/ (MacOS) or C:/[INSTALLATION_PATH]/FreeCAD/data/ (Windows). Note that will override any existing configuration - if you want to preserve your original configuration, you will need to manually merge the two user.cfg files

  3. Boom! It's working