AWS, New Wallpapers And Five New Themes
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AWS, New Wallpapers And Five New Themes

A couple of days ago, I was configuring some stuff on AWS and noticed that they are using Dracula! Can you believe that? Even Amazon is using Dracula 😱

Dracula Theme in AWS

For us on the Dracula team, wallpapers are something meticulously chosen. After all, they keep the vampiric aesthetic and add personality to our machines.

With that in mind, we updated the wallpaper pack with a new collection, including this one:

A Dracula Theme Wallpaper from the new collection

✨ New on Dracula

Meet the five new themes that have joined Dracula recently:

  • New Tabs: an extension to customize your New Tab page in Chrome and Firefox;
  • Infinity for Reddit: a more beautiful and feature-rich experience on Reddit;
  • Fedilab: an app to access the distributed Fediverso;
  • Harpy for Twitter: an app to view the Twitter timeline chronologically and beautifully;
  • Nitter: a free and open-source alternative to Twitter.

Dracula Theme in AWS

Special thanks to @vkeerthivikram, who contributed 3 of these themes! πŸ’˜

πŸ¦‡ New on Dracula PRO

Earlier last week, we published an updated version of the pack with a complete overhaul of the theme for the Alacritty app. We fixed and adjusted our theme and all variants to the most modern app standards.

We're also launching the Dracula PRO Changelog. Our users have been asking for it for a long time, and after several iterations, we built this one with great love and care.

Dracula Theme in AWS

πŸ‘‹πŸ» The end

Q: What are Dracula’s favorite fruits?

A: Neck-tarines and blood oranges 🍊.