6 New Themes And 20 Desktop Icons
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6 New Themes And 20 Desktop Icons

Do you know Swift, PHP, Ruby, Java, Typescript, Go, or C?

I'm trying to standardize all the Dracula screenshots using the same code snippet structure. If you know those languages, can you help me convert the following snippet (see GitHub thread)?

GitHub Discussion

New on Dracula

This week 6 new themes have been created by the community!

Marp: Markdown system that generates slide decks by Daniel Gisolfi

DOOM Emacs: Configuration framework for Emacs by Helder Burato

MATLAB: Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment by j-hap

Thonny: Python IDE for beginners by Daniel Spinola

MusicBee: Music manager and player by Michael Ye

B4X: Proprietary language, very similar to Visual Basic by Lucas Siqueira

Dracula for B4X

New on Dracula PRO

Last weekend I started playing around with some custom app icons. People seemed to like it, so I decided to take it to the next level.

Presenting the Dracula PRO Desktop Icons!

The 20 icons are available in 6 different flavors, just like the themes.

Dracula PRO Icons

Dracula PRO Icons - Blade

Dracula PRO Icons - Buffy

Dracula PRO Icons - Lincoln

Dracula PRO Icons - Morbius

Dracula PRO Icons - Van Helsing

Happy hacking!