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Dracula Theme for Thonny
thonny - Theme Preview


Install using Thonny

  1. Go to Thonny → Tools → Manage plug-ins
  2. Search for thonny-dracula
  3. Click Install

Install using pip

pip install thonny-dracula

Install manually

  1. Download using the GitHub .zip download option and unzip them.
  2. Go to Thonny → Tools → Manage plug-ins…
  3. Click Install from local file
  4. Find and select the prefered compressed file under /dist

Activating theme

  1. After installing, close and open Thonny, so the theme is loaded
  2. Go to Thonny → Tools → Options
  3. Under Theme & Font, select the drop-down menu Syntax theme
  4. Select Dracula