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Windows Terminal


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Start Windows Terminal and click on the down arrow symbol K from menu bar. This will open a drop down menu from which select Settings option. Alternatively use Ctrl + , to open Settings directly.

In the profile.json settings file for Windows Terminal, find the schemes section and paste the content of dracula.json.


"schemes": [
        "name" : "Dracula",
        "background" : "#282A36",
        "black" : "#21222C",
        "blue" : "#BD93F9",
        "brightBlack" : "#6272A4",
        "brightBlue" : "#D6ACFF",
        "brightCyan" : "#A4FFFF",
        "brightGreen" : "#69FF94",
        "brightPurple" : "#FF92DF",
        "brightRed" : "#FF6E6E",
        "brightWhite" : "#FFFFFF",
        "brightYellow" : "#FFFFA5",
        "cyan" : "#8BE9FD",
        "foreground" : "#F8F8F2",
        "green" : "#50FA7B",
        "purple" : "#FF79C6",
        "red" : "#FF5555",
        "white" : "#F8F8F2",
        "yellow" : "#F1FA8C"


Once the color scheme has been defined, it's time to enable it. Find the profiles section and add a colorScheme value to the default profile.


"profiles": {
    "defaults": {
        "colorScheme" : "Dracula"

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