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Install using tpm

If you are a tpm user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by adding the following to your .tmux.conf file:

set -g @plugin 'dracula/tmux'

Add any configuration options below this line in your tmux config.

Install with Nix

If you're using home-manager, an example config would look similar to this: Then run home-manager switch, the Activating theme section doesn't apply here.

programs.tmux = {
	enable = true;
	clock24 = true;
	plugins = with pkgs.tmuxPlugins; [
			plugin = dracula;
			extraConfig = ''
				set -g @dracula-show-battery false
				set -g @dracula-show-powerline true
				set -g @dracula-refresh-rate 10

	extraConfig = ''
		set -g mouse on

Activating theme

  1. Make sure run -b '~/.tmux/plugins/tpm/tpm' is at the bottom of your .tmux.conf
  2. Run tmux
  3. Use the tpm install command: prefix + I (default prefix is ctrl+b)


To enable plugins set up the @dracula-plugins option in you .tmux.conf file, separate plugin by space. The order that you define the plugins will be the order on the status bar left to right.

# available plugins: battery, cpu-usage, git, gpu-usage, ram-usage, network, network-bandwidth, weather, time
set -g @dracula-plugins "cpu-usage gpu-usage ram-usage"

For each plugin is possible to customize background and foreground colors

# available colors: white, gray, dark_gray, light_purple, dark_purple, cyan, green, orange, red, pink, yellow
# set -g @dracula-[plugin-name]-colors "[background] [foreground]"
set -g @dracula-cpu-usage-colors "pink dark_gray"

Status bar options

Enable powerline symbols

set -g @dracula-show-powerline true

Switch powerline symbols

# for left
set -g @dracula-show-left-sep 

# for right symbol (can set any symbol you like as seperator)
set -g @dracula-show-right-sep 

Enable window flags

set -g @dracula-show-flags true

Adjust the refresh rate for the status bar

# the default is 5, it can accept any number
set -g @dracula-refresh-rate 5

Switch the left smiley icon

# it can accept `session`, `smiley`, `window`, or any character.
set -g @dracula-show-left-icon session

Add padding to the left smiley icon

# default is 1, it can accept any number and 0 disables padding.
set -g @dracula-left-icon-padding 1

Enable high contrast pane border

set -g @dracula-border-contrast true

cpu-usage options

Customize label

set -g @dracula-cpu-usage-label "CPU"

gpu-usage options

Customize label

set -g @dracula-gpu-usage-label "GPU"

ram-usage options

Customize label

set -g @dracula-ram-usage-label "RAM"

time options

Disable timezone

set -g @dracula-show-timezone false

Swap date to day/month

set -g @dracula-day-month true

Enable military time

set -g @dracula-military-time true

git options

Hide details of git changes

set -g @dracula-git-disable-status true

Set symbol to use for when branch is up to date with HEAD

# default is ✓. Avoid using non unicode characters that bash uses like $, * and ! 
set -g @dracula-git-show-current-symbol ✓

Set symbol to use for when branch diverges from HEAD

# default is unicode !. Avoid bash special characters 
set -g @dracula-git-show-diff-symbol !

Set symbol or message to use when the current pane has no git repo

# default is unicode no message
set -g @dracula-git-no-repo-message ""

weather options

Switch from default fahrenheit to celsius

set -g @dracula-show-fahrenheit false

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