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A super tiny tailwind plugin that enables the use of the Dracula colour palette.

Hopefully this will give you some great dark colors in your next project, and save you 5 min of setting up custom colors.


npm i tailwind-dracula --save-dev


In your tailwind.config.js:

  plugins: [

You now have access to the Dracula theme anywhere you would use normally tailwind colours.

<div class="bg-buffy">
    <p class="text-nosferatu ">I vant to suck your blood...</p>

Color naming has two options (based on Dracula's names with some changes where needed):

  • The color name option. ie. darker, pink, purple
  • The vampire name option. ie. dracula, vonCount, buffy

The default color names for Dracula can override the tailwind default style names.

Prefixing color names

By default the plugin accepts a prefix that can be used for the color name options (to avoid clashes with tailwind defaults).

  plugins: [

Then use the color name option with the dracula prefix, but use the vampire name options without the prefix

<div class="bg-dracula-pink">
    <p class="text-nosferatu">I vant to suck your blood...</p>
    <p class="text-pink-500">Tailwind is cool...</p> //still works!

You can also add the prefix for ALL names by passing true into the second parameter.

plugins: [
  require('tailwind-dracula')('dracula', true),

Now all colors within dracula will require the dracula prefix

<div class="bg-dracula-pink"> //works!
    <p class="text-nosferatu ">I vant to suck your blood...</p> //doesn't work!
    <p class="text-dracula-buffy ">Flesh of my flesh...</p> //works!
    <p class="text-pink-500 ">Tailwind is cool...</p> //still works!

Changing color names

You can just pull in some of the colors and add them to tailwind

const dracula = require('tailwind-dracula/colors')

theme: {
    extend: {
      colors: {
        ...dracula //adds all the colors
        pinkish: dracula.buffy //just adds buffy with the name 'pinkish'

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This theme wouldn't exist without these people. Wanna help too? Check the repository on GitHub.

  • nickgraffis
  • zenorocha

Made with by Zeno Rocha
under MIT license