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Dracula Theme for Sandpack
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Sandpack by CodeSandbox


After the Sandpack installation and proper configuration, you can configure Dracula Theme through theme support.

To use Dracula Theme, install the @codesandbox/sandpack-themes package; this official open source package contains all the Sandpack compatible themes.

npm install @codesandbox/sandpack-themes # or yarn add @codesandbox/sandpack-themes

Activating theme

  1. Now let's import the package.
import { dracula } from "@codesandbox/sandpack-themes";
  1. And in the Sandpack instance let's reference it.
<Sandpack theme={dracula} />
  1. Boom! It's working! 🦇

You can also read the official Sandpack doc on how to do this installation.

There is also this repository with an example with NextJs.