Alucard has arrived. Meet the Dracula light theme.
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Papirus Folders

Dracula Theme for Papirus Folders
papirus-folders - Theme Preview

Papirus Folders


  1. Make sure You have Papirus Icon Theme installed (preferably in ~/.local/share/icons);

  2. Also, check if you have the Papirus Folders Script installed in your home via this method;

  3. Clone this repository and change to the cloned directory:

    git clone cd papirus-folders
  4. 🏃🏻 Run: cp -r Icons/* ~/.local/share/icons/Papirus, from the repo's directory if you have installed Papirus for the user;

    If you have installed Papirus system-wide, run: sudo cp -r Icons/* /usr/share/icons/Papirus;

  5. 🏃🏻 Run: papirus-folders -lv in the terminal to check whether the dracula-themed icon names are listed or not;

  6. Now, you can set the folder icons you prefer using papirus-folders command (that you installed in step 2);

    ✅ You can check the steps to use it here;

    👇🏻 Example:

    papirus-folders -C dracula-default --theme Papirus

  7. Boom! It's working ✨