Dark theme for LibreOffice and 214+ apps


LibreOffice Theme Preview



Install using Git

If you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo:

git clone

Install manually

Download using the GitHub .zip download option and unzip them.

Activating palette

  1. Copy dracula.soc to ~/.config/libreoffice/*/user/config/ (Linux), C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\palette (Windows), or ~/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/*/user/config/ (macOS).
  2. Choose the dracula palette when picking a color in LibreOffice.

Activating Application Colors (Linux and macOS only)

Note that this is a bit experimental and might break your settings file. It first saves a backup to registrymodifications.xcu.bak, which you can use if anything goes wrong.

  1. Run ./ to add the Dracula option to the settings file
  2. Choose Dracula in Tools -> Options -> Application Colors (Linux) or Preferences -> LibreOffice -> Application Colors (macOS)

Stay up to date

Receive updates about this theme and more about Dracula.


This theme wouldn't exist without these people. Wanna help too? Check the repository on GitHub.

  • tim-clifford
  • zenorocha

Made with by Zeno Rocha
under MIT license