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GMK Dracula turns the software aesthetic into keyboard keyset form, expanding the theme even further with add-on modules. The set features dark greyish blue tones with dark blue-purple-gray alphas. The default legend color is a contrasting neutral/cool white, which adds to the overall legibility of the classic text + icon legends. In addition, the Core and add-on modules include legends and accent keys in various pastel and neon colors, all based on selected Dracula Theme colors.

- By pikku-allu

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  • Starts: October 4th
  • Ends: October 31st
  • Estimated shipping: Q2 2020

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Highlight Module on a TGR-910

Core Module on a TGR-910

Highlight Module variation on a TGR-910



The Core Module is the starting point of the set, featuring classic multicolored syntax highlighting of the Dracula Theme. The module offers compatibility for most layouts, while keeping the cost down by not bloating the kit with too much options.

Core Module


Spice up your set with fully colored accent keys for extra highlighting, featuring cherry-picked theme colors.

Highlight Module


If you enjoy a clean look, it's time to turn on the nightmode for GMK Dracula. Tone down the look of your set with a unified modifier color-scheme with the Nightmode Module.

Nightmode Module


Whether you like to use spaces or tabs for indentation, that's up to you. Here's some whitespace inserting blocks for everyone to use, including accent colored ones.

Whitespace Module


Here it is! The ultimate kit for 40%, ortholinear, and split layout keyboards. But wait, there's more! Even a second B key is included in case your dog eats the other one.

Minify Module


Language support for Nordic (Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian), German, and UK layouts.

Localization Module


What did you think it was going to be called? Support for macOS specific keys. Starting at $999 :P

Command Module


Err! Module