Make Music With Dracula
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Make Music With Dracula

I'm getting ready for a big announcement next week, but before we talk about that, I want to share a ton of new themes with you :)

New on Dracula

The list of themes just keeps growing and growing. We just reached 106 themes created by the community. What is surprising is to see not only developers but DJs and producers using Dracula to create music.

Dracula for Ableton Live

New on Dracula PRO

From Mosaic to Netscape to IE6.

We all love using browsers to navigate through this crazy world called the internet. We spend a lot of time on our code editors and terminals, but I bet we spend even more time on web browsers.

That's why having a Dracula PRO theme for the most popular browsers is not only cool; it's a must-have.


Starting with the most used browser in the world. Here are all six variations of Dracula PRO on Google Chrome.

Dracula PRO for Chrome


Now let's talk about Mozilla's main project - Firefox. What I love about this theme are the accent colors present on the active tabs and buttons. It's a simple, gorgeous detail.

Dracula PRO for Firefox

Happy hacking!