Free Wallpapers And New Dracula PRO Price
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Free Wallpapers And New Dracula PRO Price

On February 11th, Dracula PRO was being launched.

Today, exactly six months later, more than 1,143 copies have been sold. What started as a simple side project, became something much bigger.

Maintaining a high-quality theme is not easy. Each application has a different syntax highlighter, theme system, and other peculiarities, which makes the process of standardizing even harder.

That's why we're announcing the end of the Launch Promo.

In a couple of days, the price will increase to $79.

Get Dracula PRO at special price


A community member, kajwski, created a series of wallpapers for different operating systems.

Dracula Wallpaper for Windows Windows

Dracula Wallpaper for Debian Debian

Dracula Wallpaper for Fedora Fedora

Dracula Wallpaper for Ubuntu Ubuntu

Dracula Wallpaper for Arch Arch

See the full list of wallpapers.

Happy hacking!