Dracula-o-ween 2023!
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Dracula-o-ween 2023!

I've got some chilling news (I promise, it's the good kind)! 🎃👻

Dracula PRO is now at a fang-tastic 40% discount! If the thought of grabbing the PRO version has been haunting your mind or you're considering it as a treat for a friend, seize the moment. Use promo code: DRACULAOWEEN2023.

But remember, every spell has its time limit. This bewitching offer fades away in 48 hours. So don't be left howling in regret.

🦇 A New Era for Dracula

Dracula theme uses Plausible

Following our recent website revamp, we've bidden goodbye to Google Analytics, embracing the privacy-first, open-source alternative - Plausible Analytics. Although there was a brief hiccup with our visitor counts due to the GA changes, all is in order now.

Did you uncover all our hidden easter eggs?

✨ For vampires who conquered the sun

We're excited to give you a little preview of our next light theme. That's right, Dracula PRO is opening its doors to Alucard, the famous vampire who dared to defy the sun.

Dracula PRO - Alucard

Incorporating a light theme into Dracula PRO is a way to offer more customization options; the new variant, called Alucard, will maintain the Count's elegant and sophisticated essence but with a touch of lightness.

We look forward to sharing more details about Alucard soon. Get ready for a bright theme that doesn't fear daylight and is sure to be a stunning look.

👋🏻 The end

Q: What's a ghost's favorite dessert? 👻

A: I-scream.