Dracula 100 Themes
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Dracula 100 Themes

Today is a special day. We have hit 100 themes on Dracula!

When I started this little project, I never imagined the community would embrace it the way it did. Thank you so much for everyone involved in this.

Let's continue to make the most cross-platform theme ever created :)

New on Dracula

On November, 2013, Matheus opened an issue on GitHub asking for an Eclipse theme. It took us 7 years lol, but the Eclipse theme is here. Besides that, we have a new theme for game devs.

  • Eclipse: A famous IDE for Java, but with support for many other languages.
  • Godot: A 2D and 3D, cross-platform, free and open-source game engine.

Dracula for Eclipse

New on Dracula PRO

The #1 most requested Dracula PRO theme is finally available!

Vim users, Neovim users, MacVim users, here it is :)

Dracula PRO for Vim

P.S.: This wouldn't be possible without the help of D. Ben Knoble and the initial work done by Derek Sifford. You guys are the best!

Wallpapers everywhere

Since the launch of the Dracula PRO wallpapers, lots of people started sharing their workstation.

Miha Filej (@mfilej) Miha Filej (@mfilej)

Tim Koopmans (@tim_koopmans) Tim Koopmans (@tim_koopmans)

Dinh Quoc Han (@handinh157) Dinh Quoc Han (@handinh157)

Happy hacking!