3 New Themes And Better Code Screenshots
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3 New Themes And Better Code Screenshots

Last time we saw each other I was telling you all about this new book I wrote. The launch was amazing, it reached #1 Best-Seller on Amazon, and I couldn't be happier with the reception.

Enough about the book. Let's talk about Dracula! I was recently interviewed by one of my favorite podcasts, The Changelog, to tell the journey of Dracula PRO. If you like podcasts, listen now - It's OK to make money from your open source.

The Dracula community surprises me every day. Recently, a Reddit user shared his Dracula setup on r/unixporn. It looks rad, doesn't it? In case you want to replicate, he shared the full list of configurations there.

Reddit thread about bspwm

New on Dracula

We just reached 110 themes created by the community! Here are the newest ones:

  • Aseprite: An animated sprite editor & pixel art tool by Amit Netanel
  • Mailspring: An open-source, extensible email app by Thiago Avelino
  • Tower: A powerful Git client for Mac and Windows by David Sullivan

Dracula for Aseprite

New on Dracula PRO

Do you know those beautiful code screenshots that people share on social media? Let me tell you a secret... they are all created using this super cool tool called Carbon.

I recently worked with their team, and we have some news to share. You can now generate good-looking screenshots using Dracula PRO colors on Carbon.

Dracula PRO colors on Carbon

Happy hacking!