11 New Themes And Updates For Dracula PRO
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11 New Themes And Updates For Dracula PRO

I'm writing from San Francisco, California, the place I call home now. Life has been crazy over here, but Dracula continues to evolve and grow. I still can't believe we crossed 300 themes just recently and we're already at 318 themes.

This community is the best πŸ’œ

✨ New on Dracula

Say hello to 11 new themes that recently joined the clan:

  • aerc: an email client that runs in your terminal;
  • Cli-Visualizer: a command-line visualizer for music;
  • Jabref: an open-source citation and reference management software;
  • Libreddit: an alternative private front-end to Reddit;
  • Makehuman: an open-source tool for creating 3D characters;
  • Misskey: a decentralized social media platform;
  • Newsboat: an RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console;
  • Replugged: a Discord client focused on simplicity and performance;
  • Todoist: a task manager and to-do list app;
  • Uptime Kuma: a self-hosted monitoring tool;
  • Yakuake: a terminal emulator based on the KDE console.

Dracula Theme in Jabref

πŸ¦‡ New on Dracula PRO

Our users have long requested Dracula PRO support for Visual Studio, and it is finally here with all variants and as close as possible to its VSCode counterpart.

Dracula PRO in Visual Studio

  • πŸ“° We also created an RSS Feed for the Changelog;
  • βœ… Adjusted the Background and Selection Color in Notepad++, which were overlapping and not giving the necessary highlight;
  • 🎯 And made a minor tweak to the Sublime Text instructions.

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A: Because he has a bat temper.